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Masonry Repair

Masonry Repair

Liszt Historical Restoration Inc. has been restoring historical buildings in the Vermont and Northeast region for over 20years.

We have developed a reputation as the premium masonry restoration contractor. Our experience in forensic investigation and impeccable,
award-winning restoration craftsmanship is sought after by many institutions, architects, engineers and property owners.

Liszt Restoration is widely recognized for extreme attention to detail and valued resource for developing solutions to difficult conditions. Unqualified contractors jeopardize property and loose grant funds through a lack of care, knowledge, experience, and poor execution during the restoration process.

Masonry Restoration is not like new construction or ‘renovation’, as the existing structure must be respected and understood as a unique state-

Liszt Historical Restoration’s repairs are lasting. They seamlessly blend into the original fabric of the surrounding structure, unlike the work of unqualified contractors who tend to bid low and cut corners, disregarding critical aspects of the specifications.

Restoration techniques are complex and largely misunderstood. Often there is lack of qualified supervision to ensure quality, so corner-cutters do far more damage than restoration in the end. If no one on the job looks over their shoulders with the capability to understand restoration execution techniques unique to the particular conditions, disaster is inevitable.