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The love of wisdom.


The quality of being wise; power of judging rightly and following the

soundest course of action, based on knowledge, experience and understanding

that determines method.


A way of doing anything; mode; procedure; process.


A particular sequence of doing something, generally involving a number of

steps or operations during execution.


An action, to follow through or carry out, doing, producing physical


This outlines the best chain of command for any important endeavor. First,

there must be a Love for what we hope to achieve; as we know hope is a

derivative of Love. This Love inspires us to the pursuit of knowledge and

understanding so that the best possible means can be employed to ensure the

greatest benefit to that which we Love. This understanding will shape our

methodology as logic and reason become the backbone of our process and is

carried through the execution phase. One can easily recognize in this chain

that everything is the offspring of Love, as it must be if the results are

to most greatly benefit our subject. This fundamental principle can be

applied to nearly anything, people, government, art and structural

rehabilitation and restoration. It can and should be clearly established

that with Love the results of our effort will be the most beneficial by the

nature of Love itself, which seeks to care for its objective. It should then

be obvious that any effort that is not borne of Love will not produce a

beneficial result.

What this means for anyone seeking to restore any Stone structure is a simple

matter of logic. Hire the person who Loves your building, Loves his work and

not least loves himself and his crew. If you follow this clear path of

irrefutable logic the results will be of the highest possible benefit. If

however you choose an intuitive path, a path where instinct determines your

action, the result will likely fall far short of 'most beneficial'. Although

hiring someone who Loves your building and Loves his work is obviously

advantageous, why should you hire someone who Loves himself and his crew?

Because healthy self-love demands self-respect, and self-respect demands a

worthy achievement that is a reflection of self-love. If a person does not

have this healthy Love and respect for self (this includes a Love for those

who are also responsible for the end result that is a lasting reflection of

self) the end product will reflect this lack proportionately. We tend to

call this 'taking pride in your work', but it is more fully explained and

therefore understood as self-love and self-respect.

These factors generate two mind limitations. First, that we must Love your

building and not just your money. We will not work where the results will

not represent us well. As Michelangelo would not work with low-grade marble

or paint the ceiling of the local brothel our time and energy must be

focused on what we deem worthy objects and this means many projects are

rejected. That may sound arrogant but that's the way it is. If you have a

worthy building or structure it deserves worthy treatment. Our second

limitation is that of manpower, as Liszt Restoration is a small company of

devoted craftsmen. We ensure high quality by restricting our workload,

generally working one job at a time with little or no overlap when possible.

Large projects may take a little longer but the results are worth every

minute and costly mistakes are avoided, in the end saving time, money and