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210 College Street Redstone Development '01, '02

210 College Street Redstone Development '01, '02

Burlington VT, 2002

210 College Street, Burlington VT.    (Burlington Free Press Article Part 1)  (Part 2)

Recreating acrhes is very difficult. In thi scase during the 1960's this building was altered. All original arches were taken out. New square awning windows popular in the 60's replaced the original arches

Paul List designed arched steel arches, welded to the new I-beam headers and installed. After this area was stabilized came the difficult task of creating the arches for new windows.

Liszt Historical Restoration spent weeks sending out brick samples to different leads only to find a near perfect match in Cape Cod Mass.

Proper lime putty motar is critical to beautiful results. We slake our own and store it for two years. Hundreds of square feet of masonry were repointed and the terra cotta detail elements were removed, repaired, cleaned and reinstalled, Liszt Restoration also repaired all of the sheet metal decorative design in turret sections. Cleaned the entire exterior of the building