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Staff Bio

Paul List

A hard Bio to write; what defines a Renaissance Man?

A brief list of accomplisments, interests and activities: 

Paul plays the violin, studies classic philosophy and ancient history. He enjoys working his 1000 vine vineyard and Grass Roots Farm VT ( 

Pauls studies antique building tecniques and materials, he brings 25 years field experience as a consultant to property owners, architects and engineers. 

Paul is frequently called upon in the restoration trade as the  critical solution finder /  problem solver, achieving results in otherwise tough circumstances and conditions. 

Paul is a certified welder

In 1997 Paul produced a critically acclaimed recording with Juilliard pianist Susan Haligan.  Beethoven, Opus 120 Diabelli Variations, (cd available on His interpretation of this work, played by Susan, was hailed by critics as "profound".